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July/August Closure due to Increased Covid Infections

Jul 29, 2020
Posted by: admin
Category: Schedule

July & August training has been stopped with immediate effect.

Good Morning,

unfortunately we have decided that it is safer to close down the coaching school again due to the increased number of cases being detected along the East West corridor.

We have also taken note that the Secondary Schools Football League has stopped all school football teams from training based on advice from the Chief Medical Officer.

We will not be opening up again before schools re-open and at that point we will make our decision as to when or how we will start sessions again.

Regarding those who have paid fees for the July and August period, we can either apply the funds towards the next term, or I can refund you the balance. Please contact me if you would like a refund.

Please stay safe! To reduce the spread of the virus, wear your masks in public and stay home if you have any of the symptoms.

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