Program Curriculum 

Football IQ Academy curriculum, philosophy and blueprint is the foundation for every action, decision and program that is implemented within the player development pathway.  The content & progression of each session are adapted to suit the players in the 3 main programs: Recreational | Academy | Elite   


Key: Technical Foundation 
  • Ball Mastery & Juggling 
  • Passing | Shooting | Heading | Finishing 
  • Ball Control | Receiving | Turning | Shielding 
  • Dribbling | Running with the ball 

    Game Situation: 
    Creating Space & Def 1v1| Def 2v2 
    Basic rules of the game 

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Key: Learn to perceive, conceive and decide 
  • Vision, awareness & game sense
  • Body stance & feet preparation
  • Commuication
  • Positional Play 
  • Mobility
  • Control & Technique
  • Transition mindset

    Game Related:
    Understanding formations and positioning
    Tactical game situations: 4v4;7v7;9V9;11v11

Key: Learn to recover & possess the ball with transition principles 
  • Rondos 
  • Position & overload games
  • Possession principles 
  • Speed and timing of movements
  • Understanding player - space relationships 
  • Triangle & diamond formations 
  • Playing through the thirds
  • Passing to attract /move opponents 


The 4 corner model outlines the factors that we consider as a young player grows and develops in the game. Each of the corners is connected and relies on support from the other three areas. The model is appropriate to players aged 5 to 18.

As the development pathway for each individual player is unique and diverse, the needs of each player will vary and flow in all of the 4 corners.  It is important for coaches and parents to understand that each aspect of the four corners does not exist in isolation.

A player’s performance in practice and matches can be influenced by the many factors, nearly all of which need to be considered when forming an opinion of a player’s progress and true ability. 


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